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“Can’t we just all get along?”

A friend of a friend on Facebook posted this plea for us to get along with the terrorists:

i know we are hurt, and angry, after the attacks in Paris, but please, let’s make sure that hatred does not win.

please stop aiming this rage at the people rushing to escape terrorism and war. saying we should now disallow refugees because terrorists exist is a thin veil of xenophobia and ignores the fact that the history of terrorism in our own country is vastly from within our own people.

please stop aiming this rage at others who are hurting, at our Black citizens fighting for their own lives, saying that the pain of our own oppressed is somehow not as important. this is a thin veil of racism.

please stop aiming this rage at religion. Christians blaming Islam for terrorism shows an ignorance of our own extremists who have killed in the name of God.

please stop aiming this rage at our President. those who think President Obama should have been speculating about who the killers were, long before we even had an understanding of what was happening, last night, shows a lack of understanding the necessary process of international relations and is a thin veil of Islamophobia and racism.

all of this broad placing of blame where it doesn’t belong ignores history, ignores reality, ignores the fact that when we rise up against tragedy by fanning the flames of our own hatred, instead of mustering up courage and love and compassion for those affected, shows that we all have an incredible capacity for hatred.

we all have capacity for hatred. we all, also, have an incredible capacity for love. please, let’s move together in the right direction: love.

We think it would be great to get along with everyone. Is asking to know whom one is inviting into one’s home asking too much? When there are people that want to kill you, you do not invite them into your home knowingly.

This is not about religion. The United States is a very tolerant nation of people. But those that hide their hatred for our country and way of life behind religion are not to be tolerated. The West did not name their “state” nor their combatants. Islamic State and jihadist are their terms, not ours.

And yes, Christians have committed crimes in the name of God. But they do not today. To assign crimes of generations ago as absolution for current attacks is absurdity.

President Obama should not speak of who committed the crimes in Paris before it was known. But when it is known (like Benghazi) he should speak up.

We think Americans are eager and willing to allow others to live peacefully – as long as those people do not pledge our destruction. Until then, American and the west will likely hold the terrorists and their accomplices accountable.

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